• Feature Film Scripts
    • Zombie Ron
      • Original Tagline:
        "The world's first undead superhero."
      • Current Tagline:
        "Unliving has its advantages."
    • BREATHE (excerpt)
      • Original Tagline:
        "Changing the world through thermodynamics!"
      • Current Tagline:
        "The Fine Art of Savior Villiany."
  • TV Series
    • Reap-possessors (one page)
      • Working Tagline:
        "Guaranteed recovery of things gone bad."
    • Eden (one page)
      • Working Tagline:
        "If human survival relies on them, we're doomed."
  • Short Scripts
    • The Pearl
    • Nerf Wars (working title)
  • Industrial Scripts
    • Fisher Imaging - Technical Service Bulletins
    • OJ & Mary Christine Harvey Educational Foundation - Founders Message